Weber Q220 Review

Weber Q220 Review – A Great Grill For Apartment Dwellers

Weber Q220 Review

If you are looking for a good grill for your apartment, or any urban environment, and need one that doesn’t take up a lot of space, the Weber q220 gas grill is the perfect grill for you.

While it does not take up much room, it certainly can cook enough food to feed several people at once on a larger for its size cast iron surface.

The q220 does not lack any features that they leave out on most portable grills either. You get folding side tables that are large enough to hold a plate of food while you get the grill ready. When the grill is not in use, theses side table fold up into the grill making it easier to store. This is really helpful if you need to bring your grill inside or don’t have much room on your deck.

Another cool thing about the Weber q220 grill is that it does not use much gas to cook and heats up quickly.

While you can hook it up to a larger propane tank, the small green camping tanks, or skinny blue propane tanks seem to work pretty good and last a while even if you use your grill everyday.

You can cook pretty much anything on it, and the fact that it has a higher lid means you can cook a good size chicken without any problems.

All in all this grill is really well suited for someone who lives in an apartment or small house and does not have a lot of room. If you have been looking for a grill like that, the Weber Q220 gas grill may be worth checking out. You can usually find it for cheap on Amazon so it is worth it to take a look.

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A Portable Grill You Can Count On

I have a lot of fond memories of grilling outdoors when I was a kid. I never had the luxury of being able to grill over the Weber back then, but if I had it would have made life easier for me. Instead of getting the coals ready and waiting 45 minutes or so before I could even think about eating, I could have just pushed a button and the grill would have been ready and waiting for me to throw something big and juicy on it in no time.

That’s not to say that I would never grill over charcoal again, but it would have been nice to have the added convenience of a portable gas grill around when I was hungry and ready to eat or simply didn’t have the time to wait for the charcoal to heat up. That is one of the things Weber had in mind when they designed the q220. I must say that it certainly lives up to its expectations and if you have ever used a grill like this, you will know what I mean.

First of all this little grill is both portable and lightweight. It is made out of aluminum but the grilling surface is made out of cast iron which is rather heavy. The cast iron grilling surface is what sets the q220 apart from the rest of the grills though, and I would gladly have to carry around the extra weight because I know how nicely it will help to grill my food. It helps evenly distribute the heat from the burners so if you throw on a nice juicy steak it will cook evenly without being charred on the outside and undercooked in the center.

While the q220 is great for all of your portable adventures such as camping or tailgating, it also comes in handy at home. I like to use mine every so often even though I have a larger more powerful grill that I normally cook with. The advantage to using a smaller grill at home is it heats up quickly and because of its small footprint, is easy to store when not in use. Not only that but it can cook for about 5 or 6 people at a time while remaining efficient on propane so it works out pretty well for me.

One thing that I would recommend you do get if you are thinking about purchasing this grill and using it at home is a nice grill cover. I made the mistake of not covering mine even though I knew better and after only a year the burner would not heat up properly because moisture had gotten in there and pretty much destroyed it. After replacing the burner and covering it, it has performed flawlessly for me over the past few years, so it was worth the extra investment.

What Makes This A Great Grill?

After using the Weber Q-220 grill for a few years now, I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best portable grills that I have ever used. Granted I have used all of the Q grills and they each have their own place in my life, but the q-220 stands out to me the most. If you want to read some BBQ reviews on other grill manufacturers, you can go here.

weber q-220 grillFirst of all when you are talking about portable grills, you want something that will be… well… portable. But not just that, you also want something that is lightweight and can cook food like a pro. While any grill can do that, I have found that the q-220 does it better than most grills out there.

I will give you an example. My buddy was going to host a small beach party with a few friends, but did not have a grill to cook any of the food on. Since I was going to be at the party I told him I would bring my portable grill so he would not have to worry about it.

Although there were only seven of us at the party, the q-220 grill performed flawlessly and was able to keep up with the demand of 7 hungry people. You could not do that on a smaller grill like the q100 that’s for sure. Not only did the Q-220 make an impression at the party, but a few friends that where there wanted to purchase one after seeing it perform.

After we finished grilling, we cleaned up everything and put the grill away so we could do other things like drink some beer and catch up on old times. Clean up was simple and the Q-220 was cleaned and put away in no time, which is a good thing to look for if you want a grill for tailgating at a football game. Having a grill that is easy to setup and break down is an advantage when you are pressed for time, so it is definitely something we will be bringing along with us to the game as soon as football season starts.

The thing that makes the Weber q-220 perform so well is the cast iron grill surface. Although it does make the grill a little heavier than other portable grills in the same price range, it does a good job at holding in the heat and transferring it to the food. That is what leaves those cool looking grill marks on the food that everyone loves.

The beauty of cast iron is that when you are grilling a steak or a burger, the heat from the metal sears the meat nicely and locks in the juices so you are left with a nice juicy piece of meat. Many people, including some of my friends from the party, seem to love this feature of the grill, and you will not find this on other grills in the same price range.

Another thing that makes the Q-220 such a great grill is that it is very efficient on propane. Those little blue propane tanks seem to last a lot longer than you might expect, although I still cannot figure out why Weber decided to use them to power their Q grills. The point is that if you are looking for a grill that is very efficient on gas and performs well when you need it to, the Weber Q-220 grill is a good choice for you.

The Weber Q200 VS The Q220

The q200 and q220 are basically the same, but Weber felt the need to make two different models to suite more people. The main difference is that the q220 has a taller lid then the q200. This is great if you want to cook larger roasts or a chicken on this little grill. It can certainly handle it and the taller lid is a nice feature, but if you do not see yourself grilling anything but burgers and steaks, you may want to go with the q200.

Another thing that makes these grills different is the built in thermometer. The q220 has one, the q200 does not. This is not a total loss though because you can get a small over thermometer and use it on the q200 if you want the q200 but also would like to know how hot your grill is actually getting. If the taller lid and the built in thermometer appeal to you, then the q220 is probably your best choice.

Regardless of which one you choose, you should know that they both cook food the same. both these grills are very efficient and portable so you can take them with you or use them at home. Weber built these two grills to give people more options when it comes to grilling, and now that you know what they are, you should be able to make an educated decision about with one is right for you.

Covers – Protect Your Grill From The Elements

Full-length heavy-duty vinyl cover protects your Weber q200 like no other grill cover can. This heavy duty cover help will extend your grills life and save on maintenance costs throughout the grilling seasons. This cover is your best protection for your Weber and covers the whole grill with grill stand. usually has these grill coves on sale for a great price. You can check them out below.

Where to Buy, Get The Best Deal

People love it for its portability and affordability making it a very popular choice for the average griller in the family. This grill is small and compact and will easily fit on a small porch or balcony without being in the way.

This grill may be small but it has plenty of room to cook on and the cast iron grilling surface cooks food evenly and thoroughly. The built in thermometer and the adjustable burner put you in control of how hot your grill gets which is useful to prevent overcooking.

If you want to get the best price on the Weber gas grill, you can get it from Amazon through the link below. Don’t forget to get a grill cover to protect your new investment.

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