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How to Evaluate Time and Attendance Software

At the end of every month, evaluating the attendance sheets of your employees becomes quite a cumbersome task.

But in this digital era, why should you still stick to a manual system of recording employee attendance?

Get a time and attendance software for your company for more hassle-free and streamlined operation. A time and attendance software is a tool that has been designed to track the attendance and work hours of all employees in a particular organization. Today, this software has gained enormous popularity across all genres of business, thanks to the convenience it renders.

Metrics to evaluate

Simply installing a time and attendance software, will not clear out problems regarding attendance. Its method of evaluation is equally important for you to understand.
Here are some tips which will help you to evaluate time and attendance system in the long run.

Overtime and time off

This is one of the vital aspects of the design of a time and attendance software. The software is implemented to calculate the accurate hours of overtime performed by an employee. It will also aid in determining the exact minutes/hours an employee have spent outside the office. The right software will reduce the cost associated because now it doesn’t need to be done manually by any person.
When done manually, sometimes misevaluations take place while calculating a factor as precise as time.

Workforce necessities

Every month you have to spend a lot of labor expenses but still, your business is not getting any fruitful returns.
Is it because you have recruited too many employees for a department than necessary? Is there a department which actually needs more workforce but has a dearth of it?
Now it is physically impossible to monitor hundreds of employees and who are working overtime. So let the time and attendance software do this job for you.

Vacation blues

Managing vacation schedules can be a pretty daunting task when your business is large and flourishing. The right attendance software will be useful in the automation of holiday schedules of your employees. Evaluation of the attendance software will accurately mark the vacation time of all employees applying for leave. Thus it will save all your time of marking the attendance sheet of respective employees.


When your employees are overburdened with work there is no point in requesting them to fill their attendance file or excel sheet at the end of each month. It may happen that they would not fill the spreadsheet accurately or try to forge in some information intentionally.

For example, one employee may mark himself inside the office during the office hours, when that is not the truth. Such incidents can only be countered by using an attendance software as a solution.


After installation of the software, make sure that you acquaint all your employees to the system. If you are worried about the cost and effectiveness, then it is better to start off with the free trial version. Only when you think it is absolutely convenient do you invest for the paid version.

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