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A Practical Guide to Purchasing a Property That Has Mold

What is the right decision for buying a home that has, or has had a mold problem? The options are few, forget it or buy it knowing full well what the problems are. Better yet, do you think that you can correct the mold problem yourself with the help of a mold remediation contractor? Dealing with a mold problem is going to make any decision to buy or not a difficult one.

buy house with moldWhile you can identify mold yourself during your walk-through inspection, the home seller should also disclose it prior to the sale. A professional home inspector can uncover mold in a home as well.

You can get an objective opinion and important intelligence about how serious the problem is by hiring a mold remediation contractor to further investigate.

You can discover mold in one form or another in most homes as it occurs naturally in the environment. It has a useful role in nature, as it helps breakdown decaying organic matter under the right conditions.

Mold thrives in damp places or anywhere moisture is present, such as the bathroom and the basement. Mold doesn’t do well in sunlit areas, so damp and dark locations such as inside and behind cabinets is going to favor mold growth.

Mold is recognized to cause health problems, especially among people sensitive to allergens. Allergen sensitive people can become dangerously ill if the house is plagued with Black Mold. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to mold include asthma attacks, flu-like symptoms and respiratory distress. Family health considerations are therefore an important decision making factor.

Tiny, microscopic mold spores will spread rapidly through the house after being released. Any organic materials, including cardboard, clothing, and leather is food for mold to grow. Some experts have suggested that common molds can be removed by cleaning the affected item or area in a solution of bleach and water and using a mold bomb fogger. Although this will work on a temporary basis, it does nothing to correct those factors that caused mold to grow in the house.

Since mold can grow on sheetrock, wood and paper, they will have to be removed and replaced with mold resistant materials in some cases. If the insulation behind the sheetrock wall of a finished basement has a paper facing, it is crucial that it be ventilated properly in order to prevent the accumulation of moisture behind it  for all of our bathroom renovations in Townsville. Moisture, in the form of water vapor, is a required element for mold to thrive.

The presence of mold odor in a dank, dark basement is certainly a serious problem.

Given the fact that mold spores are difficult enough to detect, the most effective way to test for dangerous molds is to hire a licensed indoor air quality contractor. Air quality tests cover every aspect of a home’s environment, from sampling the air to evaluating the types and varieties of mold that are present.

The best way to make an informed purchasing decision about a home with the potential for mold is to hire a contractor to perform air quality testing. The contractor’s air quality report will provide you all the know-how, plus recommendations, you need to proceed or abandon the purchase.

There are three important considerations when evaluating the situation, whether you have a mold remediation contractor’s report or not. Anyone in your family that is affected by mold spores is going to have allergic reactions and suffer from declining health. This is a serious consideration for most home buyers. Correcting a mold problem is going to cost money, time, and labor.

How will this affect your budget and ideas for long-term investment in this property?

The final decision factor is the need to correct the house’s problem with moisture, condensation, and temperature. This is beyond the expense of replacing all the building materials that have already gone into the home’s basement or any other affected space. Quite obviously, all of this work is going to take time and can become very expensive. Floors may need to be ripped up, carpets replaced, walls stripped and re-done.

This can come in as quite an expense. And if the home is still “wet” then the possibility of more mold and mildew growing in the future can still have an impact.

After weighing all the decision factors involved, you will at least be able to justify your decision to purchase or not purchase the property. The presence of mold in a home is one of those problems.

If you have taken all the appropriate factors into consideration, including the expense and time to correct the problem, you may see that there is an opportunity to make a good investment. You are the only one that can decide the weight, or importance of the different risk factors involved in making such a decision.

As pointed out in this article, home buyers should be very careful when considering buying a home that has mold. It is entirely possible that an ill-informed decision could become a costly mistake.

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