From Reduntant to Abundant: Recycled Planter Art

Da Morto A Orto 01

Though they may not be the most effective way to grow in your home, these refurbished furniture planters sure do look good.

These indoor kitchen gardens are part of an exhibit by Italian designers Peter Bottazzi and Denish Bonapace, titled Da Morto A Orto which translates to 'from redundant to abundant'.

According to the designers themselves, they wanted to reinterpret the way we look at old objects, and bring new life to old furniture otherwise destined to be thrown out. They are hoping the planters can actually be used in classrooms and people’s homes, as well as in classrooms for a “(horti)cultural education.”

Da Morto A Orto 02
Da Morto A Orto 03
Da Morto A Orto 04
Da Morto A Orto 06
Da Morto A Orto 07
Da Morto A Orto 08
Da Morto A Orto 09
Da Morto A Orto 10

What do you think? Have they inspired you to refurbish your old objects into elegant planters?

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